St Luke's Weekend Away


 High Leigh, Hoddesdon, 4th-6th May

This is shaping up to be an exciting event! We have a great guest speaker lined-up with over 90 church members staying for the weekend. We've now filled our allocation of rooms, but if you've not yet booked, you can still join us as a Day Visitor (£10 Fri, £20 Sat, £20 Sun) for all the activities & meals (except breakfast). Our Sunday service for that week will take place at High Leigh, so do come and be part of it. We are now taking names of Day Visitors, and will arrange transport for you if needed. If you want to stay overnight, you can join our waiting list for any late room cancellations. Looking forward to seeing you there. Jo, Kathryn, Jenny, Stephen & Peter

#GodWithUs: Your Christmas Journey

December may be a time of year when moments of peace and quiet reflection are in short supply. #GodWithUs: Your Christmas Journey offers a series of simple reflections throughout December, and daily from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Each reflection is accompanied by a picture, a challenge and a short Bible reading to help you make connections between the Christmas story and your own life. Booklets with all of the reflections will be available shortly at St Luke's - please take a copy for yourself, and also copies for your friends and family.

You can also signup to get the reflections delivered to your phone or your inbox - visit for more details.


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