Big Switch graphic.png

St Luke’s participated in The Big Church Switch where we changed to 100% renewable electricity, mainly solar & wind. We’ll seek to do the same for gas when our contract comes up for renewal.

The good news is that we can all do the same for our home energy. Visit’s “Cheap energy club”, and be sure to select “100% renewable energy” from the Tariff Features menu.

Changing is very smooth and straightforward, and can all be handled online. There are a number of suppliers that meet the criteria set by the Big Church Switch and these are listed on their website.

The benefits of switching include:

  • Virtually no global warming emissions

  • Improved public health

  • Reduced air and water pollution from coal and natural gas

  • Helping to make renewable sources financially viable

It is the greenhouse gases from fossil fuels that cause climate change, which hurts the poorest parts of the world the most.