Food Safety Information for members of St Luke’s Church

Cooking food at home for use at church events

Before you start working with food please:

  • Make sure work surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner

  • Always wash your hands

  • Wear clean clothes/apron

  • Take off your watch/jewellery

  • Tie back long hair

  • Do not handle food if you have had a stomach upset in the last 48 hours

When you are working with food:

  • No smoking

  • No eating or drinking

  • Avoid touching your face or coughing or sneezing over food

  • Cover cuts

When to wash hands:

  • Before touching any food, especially ready to eat food

  • After touching raw meat, poultry, fish, eggs or unwashed fruit and vegetables

  • After going to the toilet

  • After touching a cut or changing a dressing

  • After touching or emptying bins

  • After any cleaning

  • After touching phones, light switches or door handles

Keep Hot Food Hot and Cold Food Cold:

  • Please make sure food is thoroughly cooked (to 74 degrees C)

  • If necessary, chill quickly, within 90 minutes, and store in fridge, or keep it hot (63 degrees C and above) for up to 2 hours

  • Chilled food can be kept out of the fridge for up to 4 hours, but this can only be done once.

Never wash raw poultry

Food Allergens

Food allergens.png

Please indicate if a dish contains any of the above allergens.

  • If you are unsure whether a dish you have prepared contains an allergen, please say “may contain”.

  • A simple note accompanying the food will be sufficient, for example, “Leek and Potato Soup – contains celery”, or speak to the team leader.

  • Please remember to check all ingredients. (Allergens are now listed in bold on lists of ingredients.)