Shopping and Rations 


I can remember the rations I worked in a shop so I knew all the rations per person 4oz marg, 2 oz butter, 4 oz bacon, 4 oz cheese, biscuit coupons, bread coupons, clothing coupons. Part of the meat ration had to be taken in corned beef. Rationing carried on quite a few years.


I remember Pamphillon's having a shop in town. They sold curtaining and parachute silk. Everyone wanted parachute silk because it wasn't on coupons.


My wife had some. The ladies liked to use it for their underwear. Pamphillon's in St.Albans was at the end of St. Peters Street.


I remember the utility mark. Items for sale had to reach a certain standard. It was very good stuff. Furniture also had the utility mark. When men came out of the forces they were given a complete set of utility clothes.


There was a wedding in the family and the bride wore a white dress that went round the family, you could get extra coupons for a wedding but this lady used hers for her going away outfit so that she could use it afterwards, but she was happy to wear the family wedding dress.