Do you remember St. John's Church in London Road? Near the hill as you left the town centre.


It was a little tin chapel and I went in it when I was small, my mother took me to hear the Bach choir. It had gaslights and I was so bored with the choir that I began watching the flies go up to the lights and fizz as they got burned by the flames.


There was a nursery at the back of the church and my twin sisters used to go to it. In fact my younger brothers and sisters all met their husbands and wives through St. John's.


I went to many churches as a boy I tried them all but I really liked the Salvation Army. They had some tables and they would lift the tops off and there was sand inside and they used to put little model buildings on the sand and demonstrate different things with them - it was very interesting. I also sang in the choir at St. Saviours, for a meeting you got paid 3d, for a wedding you got paid 6d and 6d for a funeral. Many years later it seemed that everywhere we were sent in the Far East the Salvation Army was there and it meant so much to see them so far from home.