Wartime Spirit



During the war people helped each other and I found that during the recent snowfall my neighbours kept calling to see if I was alright and it reminded me of how people used to be with each other. When I was young we never locked any doors and never felt the need to.


My mother had a job to find the front door key once because she never used it and couldn't remember where it had been put. Children never had to have a door key and nobody ever thought to go into someone else's house.


When the war was on there was so much human kindness about. I remember being on St. Pancras station waiting for a train for Liverpool for embarkation and a fellow came up to me with armloads of packets of cigarettes. He said 'I know you are going overseas so take these cigarettes and share them out among the boys' there was so much of that going on it was wonderful. On the train to St. Pancras the house walls were all painted with slogans saying things like 'Well done boys' it was great.


Well we were very pleased with our boys. We used to send food parcels and comforts for the troops.